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What Is Cold Chain Transportation?

The term “supply chain” refers to the standard supply-chain concept of moving products from their area of production to the end-user. It pertains to the movement of chilled products at classified temperatures. Cold chain transportation is a temperature-controlled supply-chain that is used in industries such as food and beverages and pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals. An unbroken cold chain denotes an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, distribution, and storage activities. Logistics and associated equipment maintain the desired low-temperature ranges.

What cold chain transportation companies offer?

Companies like FET logistics provide you with services that include the transportation and storage equipment, a staff of trained personnel, and they have efficient management procedures. A cold chain is essential to preserve and maintain the quality and usability of products like chemicals, food items, and pharmaceuticals. An unbroken cold chain helps in extending and ensuring the shelf-life of products. 

The cold chain has three main components, each of which must combine to ensure safe vaccine transport and storage:

  • Transport and storage equipment.
  • Trained personnel.
  • Efficient management procedures.

Why Is Efficient Cold Chain Transportation Important?

The well-organized management of a cold chain supply line is indispensable for maintaining the integrity of the transported goods. Unlike shipping for non-perishable goods such as clothing or furniture, a break in the cold chain could result in spoilage or damage that makes the product unusable. It is important in cold-chain shipping of pharmaceuticals as these products require to be maintained at a precise temperature. A slight variation to one or two degrees can result in ruining the entire shipment. FET logistics manufactures cold-chain containers, produces dangerous goods, and maintains the temperature to avoid hazardous incidents.

There are two forms of cold chain packaging systems, which are known as active and passive. The active system makes sure that the cold chain transport containers have advanced electric or battery-powered temperature controls in case of power break down emergencies. They have built-in cooling unit or rely on dry ice to work as coolant where a system is used to push cool air from the dry ice. Active systems are used majorly for larger shipments and offer greater security which lessens the risk of any hazardous accident. However, these systems can also face mechanical issues in winter if the dry ice becomes cold or the batteries have problems.

Whereas, passive packaging systems require the use of insulation based material like polystyrene or vacuum-insulated panels that can keep the product at the desired temperature for up to 96 hours or longer. They can maintain tighter temperatures in comparison to active systems and do not get subjected to internal freezing.

Cold Chain Logistics help your business grow

If you are looking to expand your business, you can start offering cold-chain transportation of products such as seafood, frozen items, or medicines that required cool temperatures. FET logistics offer you the best cold chain transportation services that include storage procedures, customs clearance (for international shipping), and the selection of the appropriate storage materials. Vaccine management is often crucial with the cold chain shipping of pharmaceuticals.

The use of cold chain transportation helps with the transportation of dangerous goods or products that demand premium care while being transported. FET logistics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cold chain transport containers. They make sure that you thoroughly understand the cold chain logistics and how they can be beneficial for your business. They have extensive experience in providing safe and reliable solutions to industries such as food, military, oil, gas, and pharmaceuticals. They can help you retain clients through the qualities and logistics they offer.

The transportation of dangerous goods is a risky business and requires proper care and consultation before transferring hazardous goods from one place to another. Cold chain transportations benefit you in keeping the products within their required temperatures, and you don’t risk the ruin of the products.

February 24, 2020

What is Cold Chain Transportation and Why You Need to Hire The Right Company?

What Is Cold Chain Transportation? The term “supply chain” refers to the standard supply-chain concept of moving products from their area of production to the end-user. […]