Our Fleet/ Equipments

We always use the latest equipment in our vehicles.

Our temperature-controlled pharmaceutical vehicles have the highest specification equipment fitted, capable of heating as well as cooling to ensure the optimum temperature while in transit during the winter and summer months.

The 80mm insulation ensures we keep them temperatures correct throughout the journey.

Every vehicle is Calibrated via a 3-point calibration method to adhere to the MHRA guidelines.

Our vehicles are Mapped in the first year at +5°c & +20°c in winter and summer conditions for 48 hours in each case and total four rounds of mapping is completed to ensure complete validation with our protocols stating we map in a loaded and unloaded state, also with an impact test on the vehicles for two hours after 24 hours.

Our Vehicles are ATP Certified.

Our vehicles have temperature-control capabilities for use when we are operating within a range of -25°C to +25°

Our vehicles have Transcan temperature data recorders fitted as standard, taking measurements every 15 minutes, are calibrated on an annual basis with audio alarm that alerts the driver and reports back to operation if any deviation from temperature settings.

We also have Dual Temperature vehicles in that can run at +5°c and +20°c at the same time.

Our vehicles fitted with 4g Dashcams with tracking capabilities, Seven Eye temperature monitoring with remote alarms & Verizion Connect tracking system with driver behaviour system.

Our vans are fully supported and serviced by the manufacturer, and covered by full 24-hour roadside assistant across Europe and built with an array of specialist features which Includes high-security locks and panic alarms providing the most secure transport in the industry

There are seal points on the vehicles which can use the high-security H-Class Seals.