Why choose FET logistics for medical courier services?

At FET health care logistics UK, we understand the intricacies involved in transporting medical goods and the level of trust our clients put in us to get the job done efficiently. We have years of experience in transporting sensitive medical goods with travelling conditions comparable to none. This is one responsibility that cannot be taken casually, and that is why our vehicles are equipped with all safety precautions, controlled temperature, GPS remote monitoring systems, and CCTV escorts, which assure that your shipment is not tampered with in any way. We understand the stakes involved and are here to accommodate your delivery requirements in every way possible so that you can be free of mental stress and have confidence in our ability to deliver as promised.

Experience the facility of Same day medical courier

The transportation of medical goods can often be time-sensitive, and no one realises that better than us. You need someone who can stick to the same specific requirements for packaging and follow regulations to avoid contamination and damage just as you are. To have this kind of confidence in a courier is hard to come by, but our vehicles are available 24/7, so you can expect us to be an extension of yourself when handing over your goods to us.

You don’t have to worry about anything related to the delivery of the consignment – since, in case of emergencies, our drivers are experts. They can deliver your medical courier in the conditions you specify, whether it’s a particular temperature, packaging details, or any other precaution. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and validated to ensure that they are up to the required standards. They are:

  • ATP certified
  • Temperature mapped
  • Equipped for high-value consignments
  • AD qualified
  • Dual temperature

You always come first, and we are your best bet at providing the safest, quickest, and most personalised healthcare logistics in the UK.

FET logistics provides all pharmaceutical courier services

Life is unpredictable, but with FET logistics, there’s no doubt that we will deliver your package at the scheduled time. We specialise in handling time-critical deliveries and work within GDP regulations so that any characteristic of the medical product does not change while it’s in our care. The safety of your package is not even an issue with our temperature-controlled vehicles supported by audio and a visual alarm. They are linked via satellite, and our CCTV escort can provide our clients with real-time footage of the package being delivered to its destination on time and in safe hands. We have all the healthcare logistics solutions and can provide you with unparalleled services while transporting anything from vaccines to lap specimens. The destination could be anywhere from a doctor’s office to a hospital patient ward, your need is more significant than all other variables, and we are committed to your cause with the same passion as yours.