Dry Ice Supply & Replenishment

FET support your needs and can replenish ice should you require while your shipment is in transit or at your premises.


The primary use of dry ice in the medical field is a refrigerant in the transporting of organs, blood and Pharmaceuticals.

Dry ice is much colder than ice, and for the transport of medical products, it will keep the contents of any pharmaceutical product longer.

Dry ice can keep temperature’s down to -109.3 f.

Our state of the art courier vehicles are equipped with the latest temperature monitoring technology and can ensure that all vehicles transporting items packing in dry ice also maintain a frozen temperature outside of the box.

Dry ice and guarantees your items reach their destination in their optimal condition and without being compromised.

Medical Dry Ice Transport

FET can supply dry ice for same day and next day, and we also can provide a vehicle for the onward transport to the UK and Europe


Biological samples and vaccines can be stored and transported for more prolonged periods using dry ice.