Dangerous Goods

FET Logistics is highly experienced in the management of shipments across the UK and Europe of items classified as Dangerous Goods.

If you’re involved in the processing, packing or transporting of such items, FET Logistics can advise and assist you to classify them correctly so that all organisations in the supply chain, including the emergency authorities, know and understand exactly what the hazard is.

The correct classification is an absolute must and is governed by legislation across the EU.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

The shipping of dangerous goods is a complex issue, different classifications of must be transported according to their type. At FET we have years of experience in planning delivery routes so that you can be sure that at every stage in the logistics process your organisation is supported and is fully compliant with the current regulations.

Our drivers are trained in refrigerated pharmaceutical transport and are GDP trained with company uniforms worn as standard. We also have fully trained ADR drivers.