Transporting Clinical Trial Shipments in UK

Clinical Trials - Clinical Trial Shipment

FET Logistics has three decades of experience in Transporting clinical trial shipments. We ensure that your investigational products and biological research materials are supplied to target sites and depots within defined temperature ranges and within designated timelines.
We understand that effective management of the distribution phase of the clinical trial supply chain can be challenging, and we help by using our expertise at handling deliveries to European countries where cold chain management and prior custom clearance is needed.
With a growing trend, FET Logistics recognised as one of the UK and European leading clinical trial logistics due to our vast experience in clinical trial logistics, biologics and the shipment and delivery of clinical trial vaccines.
Our clinical trials shipping services include temperature stability throughout the distribution process and cold chain management. Constant temperature-controlled data logging is available to your quality control teams.

How to transport clinical trials in the UK?

FET Logistics is a one-stop solution for all types of clinical trial shipment. Plus, we have a wholly dedicated department to handle the clinical trials, which we mentioned are the biological research samples and other medical investigation products. Clinical distribution in the UK has to comply with several standards. Our drivers and other members of the operations team always carry hard and soft copies of our licenses, permits, regulations and certification numbers to ensure no harmful intervention from authorities. Clinical Logistics are Temperature as well as time-sensitive. We have our in-house CCTV escort services responsible for tracking the progress of clinical trial shipping. That’s how we estimate highly accurate schedules for delivery.

Why choose Clinical Trials Services of FET Logistics?

We never subcontract any shipment. Each consignment is transported by our in-house permanent fleet staff that are highly experienced and trained at handling clinical trial shipment. All of our customers are given unique order ids and delivery tracking codes to keep an eye on their shipment. Having extensive experience in this industry for years, we understand the needs and requirements of this niche. Get in touch with us today and explore the best clinical trials services provided under one roof.