Choosing the Right Medical Courier

We are now living in a world where deliveries are expected in fewer than 7 days, and so it comes as no surprise that the field of medicine expects the best quality services when it invests in a medical courier service. Whether it is medical emergencies or medication transports, the courier used must be able … Read more

Pharmaceutical Guide To Drugs Courier Services

If you’re employed in the healthcare industry, as a pharmacist or a home-carer, you may avail benefits of a medical courier service to collect or deliver medical specimens and samples. A healthcare logistics in the UK can offer complete peace of mind for the patients along with the healthcare professionals. They recognise the need for … Read more

A Complete Guide on Clinical Trial Logistics

Clinical trials are done to help medical professionals such as doctors learn and understand the treatment for particular diseases and illnesses. These clinical trials involve comparisons between different treatments and their effects, they can often include patients who require suitable treatment. Our team of clinical trial logistics puts their best foot forward into making sure … Read more

Importance of Packaging Measures in Medical Logistics

All of us must have witnessed the care and attention paid to wraps, plastic packets, cartons, wooden boxes, acrylic containers and so on when we order our favourite consume products online. That’s done to protect the substances inside and to maintain them in better quality, quantity and shape. Also, we have often witnessed examples of … Read more

Complete Guide to Ship Dry Ice in UK

Dry ice is a hazardous material that has considerable regulations for shipment associated with it. The guidelines determine the procedure to handle dry ice supply and its transportation in an effective manner. Training Requirements Government rules require anyone associated with medical dry ice transport to undergo thorough training, as they will be handling hazardous material. If … Read more