How does the pharmaceutical supply chain work

The pharmaceutical supply chain delivers the manufactured medicines to patients. However, the process is not as simple as stated. It is a very complex process that runs on a number of steps that ensure the deliverability of medications. Many stakeholders such as manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacy benefit managers are the stakeholders in the pharmaceuticals … Read more

Why Cold Chain Logistics Is Essentials For The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical chain logistics industry is anything but like any other logistics market! Not only is it huge and complex, but much of the high-value cargo is also life-saving! The harmonised handling of the procedures, specific and advanced transport equipment and stringent compliance standards justify the high worth of the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. COVID-19 … Read more

What is refrigerated transportation and how is it changing the world around us?

Ever wondered how does the food in the food delivery truck stay cold? Or how food transported miles away stays fresh and edible? The answer is refrigeration! Just as in your homes, refrigerated transportation allows food to remain cold and fresh until it reaches its destination. The process of transporting food in refrigerated vehicles is … Read more

Choosing the Right Medical Courier

We are now living in a world where deliveries are expected in fewer than 7 days, and so it comes as no surprise that the field of medicine expects the best quality services when it invests in a medical courier service. Whether it is medical emergencies or medication transports, the courier used must be able … Read more

Pharmaceutical Guide To Drugs Courier Services

If you’re employed in the healthcare industry, as a pharmacist or a home-carer, you may avail benefits of a medical courier service to collect or deliver medical specimens and samples. A healthcare logistics in the UK can offer complete peace of mind for the patients along with the healthcare professionals. They recognise the need for … Read more