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Trends in Cold Chain Transportation
Trends in Cold Chain Transportation

With the expansion of industries like food and pharma, the top players in these sectors are looking for ways to make perishable items last longer to meet growing demands. Logistics has been the main source of concern for these industries,with temperature restrictions making these sectors rely on cold storage facilities. Cold chain transportation has always been an in-demand logistics support due to its capital-intensive equipment, strict temperature requirements, and energy dependency. Today, this transportation sector is also facing some issues and challenges due to maintenance of quality standards, an increase in the volume of goods, and more regulations.

Some of the challenges faced by cold chain transportation affect the whole supply chain process, such as serving the global market, cost-cutting, and managing resources while addressing growing demands at the same time. Trends are constantly shifting in this sector.Here we discuss some of the most prevalent trends in the industry.

  • Trend For New Packaging

One of the most crucial aspects of cold chain transportation is packaging. The reason for this is that proper packaging determines the freshness and safety of the contents inside until it reaches the end-user. The primary challenge,especially for the pharmaceutical industry, is to balance transportation costs with packaging costs which keep increasing with the demand for insulated packaging.

  • Globalization

The process of cold chain transportation is going global due to increasing interest in the food and pharma sectors and the growth in middle class locations. Consumers now demand high-quality products that travel extended distances to retain freshness and quality. For pharmaceuticals, the specialization and sensitivity of their products mean that they need cold storage to be shipped to global markets. During such transportation, the practices must comply with the logistic rules and regulations of the country. Strict rules and regulations have driven many drug makers to alter their practices to become part of the global supply chain. The main concern for shippers is to maintain the quality and control of products in transit while shipping to global markets.

  • Improvement in Speed and Visibility

The cold chain transportation market continuously demands greater efficiency through faster and better service. Leading supply chain providers now deploy systems that provide clients with product visibility and control. They tend to keep a precise delivery window with their inbound and outbound partners while ensuring they leave the customer’s product sin the same condition as they were received. An enterprise technology that collaborates third-party logistics with the shipping practices ensures that every product moves from production to end-user purchase in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

  • New Possibilities Using Cloud Platforms

To meet the demands of real-time data requires an IT structure that has the ability to collect, analyze, and share the data when needed. Harnessing the power of IT systems and cloud storage has given organizations access to data that can unlock the business potential across the whole cold chain transportation process. The management of this process may be costly as compared to other logistic factors like ROI, brand equity, and reduction of waste. Sophisticated IT infrastructure helps in maintaining streams of data and leverage real-time information from producing, manufacturing, storage, and distribution phases as well as managing temperature, vehicle location, work-flow, and environmental data.

  • Shifting Towards Power Saving

Players in the cold chain transportation process are turning their focus to innovative ways of balancing between energy-efficient requirement sand the reduction in resource consumption for goods in transit. These companies have invested heavily in researching new and innovative ways to obtain optimum solutions. Most of them are conducting experiments on insulation processes, which are likely to give them an edge along with cost-effectiveness and power efficiency.

Final Word

Cold chain transportation has made its way into logistics processes and gone global in a very short amount of time. Due to new and innovative methods introduced in supply chain and logistics, the trends of the cold chain is also shifting to new ways. The trends mentioned above are some of the most common and most visible ones as more trends are introduced, improving the process in terms of better quality and maintenance.

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