3 Questions To Ask Your Clinical Trial Logistics Provider

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September 15, 2020
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Questions To Ask Your Clinical Trial Logistics Provider

Clinical trials, as the name suggests, are the biological samples collected for investigation, research and testing individual or collective medical conditions. Most of the times, the diagnosis of a particular disease depends on the quality and safety of the clinical trial. So, before you take a plunge and contract service, here are 5 questions you should ask your clinical trial shipment provider and go ahead after receiving a satisfactory response.

Question 1: What’s your experience with shipping medical products?

It is highly important to book a facility that is experienced in performing the job. Remember, what you are planning to ship isn’t ordinary courier stuff people would send to one another. These are medical products that are highly critical when it comes to temperature and atmosphere. In particular, you should discuss the clinical trial logistics or even if you plan to ship some other pharmaceutical material like dangerous goods.

Question 2: Are you experienced and accredited to ship clinical trials in the UK?

The clinical trial logistics is usually a part of the cold chain supply. Most companies do take care of the certifications, accreditations and adhere to international standards. However, their drivers might not be as trained as the company in handling a medical product, and you may end regretting book a particular clinical trial shipment. So, ask beforehand about the quality of service, timeliness, deadlines, estimated delivery times, the international standards followed by the company and the experience of drivers in shipping the clinical trials.  

Question 3: How will your clinical trial logistics ensure safety?

In the digital age, the biggest advantage a logistics company can provide is the real-time monitoring of the shipment. While there are other good measures to ensure safety, giving access to CCTV footage works well and proves the credibility of the service. It gives a sense of peace when you can track the progress of delivery, check if the temperature and pressure conditions are met and whether the shipment is in time on the drop-off position. Efficient clinical trial logistics in the UK usually provide CCTV escort service and clients are provided with CCTV footage in the desired format to ensure the satisfaction of the fact that the shipment hasn’t tampered.

Bonus: Would book an urgent clinical trial shipment?

Though with medical shipments, most things are duly planned and time constraints are taken care of, it is always a better idea to also ask if the clinical trial logistics has appropriate arrangements to take care of urgent order. If yes, the service is a godsend and may come in handy in a situation that turns out different than expected. 

As a healthcare service provider, you must realize the importance of an effective medical courier service. Transporting pharmaceutical products comes up as a time-sensitive task, and if ever taken lightly, it can cause substantial material and serious life loss. And with clinical trials, it is a matter of higher sensitivity since they need to be shipped under medically recommended atmospheric and safety conditions. So, next time you plan a clinical trial shipment, discuss the mentioned concerns with the service providers before shortlisting them.

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