For thousands of logistics entrepreneurs in Bedfont, FET Logistics is a platform providing solutions to all of their cargo requirements. We specialise in pharmaceutical delivery service in Bedfont, running a full-flash temperature-controlled supply chain in Bedfont.

Our Services

With support from CCTV security escorts in Bedfont, we excel in all of these popular logistics services
1. controlled drugs in Bedfont
2. shipping dangerous goods in Bedfont
3. Vaccines and Cold chain transportation
4. Warehousing (in Bedfont and beyond)
5. Dry ice supply in Bedfont

CCTV Security Escorts in Bedfont

Security comes first when it’s about pharmaceutical products. Whether you are going for blood transport in Bedfont, dangerous goods, clinical trials or simple vaccines, visible safety and precautionary measures show the biggest signs of efficiency. We have our in-house team of security which is responsible to track and monitor each and every move of the cargo unless it reaches the desired destination. While the pharmaceutical equipment is enroute, these CCTV security escorts also regulate the temperature and other atmospheric conditions.

Why choose FET Logistics?

1. We never subcontract the shipping and handle each of your consignment with care.
2. We have all relevant licenses that are required to move sensitive cargo within and outside the borders.
3. We are trusted by millions throughout Europe.
4. We go about instant documentation – ourselves, without bothering our clients.
5. We are highly accessible, and with our open-door policy, you can track them and monitor the progress of all of your equipment every instant.
6. We have our own CCTV security escorts who keep an eye on the shipment right from the pickup to drop-off locations.

Contact us and get a quick quote for our services. Not sure which transportation option is the best for you? Call us now and we’d be more than happy in walking you through your best logistics experience in Bedfont.