One Of The Leading Logistics Companies In The UK

FET’s are industry leaders and provide healthcare logistics for high-value temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

We experienced in the movement of both Pharmaceutical and high-value consignments to destinations throughout the UK and Europe. Our fleet is fitted with GPS remote monitoring systems for vehicle’s refrigeration unit and has second locking facility with panic buttons monitored 24/7 for driver’s assistance.

Our chilled courier service is unrivalled, with a wealth of experience and quality services.

We can cater to the need for goods to be controlled to specific temperatures, offering the added feature of being able to transport multiple different items at different specific temperatures within the same transit.

Whatever temperature range you need your items chilled at; we will maintain that specific temperature range for the duration of transit. We employ a range of safety features with our fleet of vehicles to ensure that even in the extremely rare event of a breakdown, our temperature controlled facilities maintain operation for up to 8 hours and with our extensive breakdown coverage across Europe, that will be more than enough time to ensure that your items safely and securely cared for at all times.

Our temperature-controlled pharmaceutical vehicles have the highest specification equipment fitted, capable of heating as well as cooling to ensure the optimum temperature while in transit during the winter and summer months.

We conform to GDP as set out by the MHRA and have quality procedures in place. Our vehicles are temperature mapped and installed with monitoring equipment for full live trackability throughout the delivery process the ability to track the location and temperature of your consignment with live satellite tracking.

Our vehicles undergo a validation process to ensure that temperature mapping and build quality to IS9001-2015

  • ATP Certified
  • High-value consignments
  • Modern Fleet Vehicles heat & cool
  • Temperature Mapped
  • Live Vehicle Tracking & Temperature Monitoring
  • Dual Temperature Compartments
  • Dedicated Delivery Service
  • ADR Qualified
  • Personal Approach

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